William Bradford Thorne
Born July 13, 1955
Red Bank, Monmouth County, New Jersey
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As Originally Posted: 03/19/11  07:13 pm
Notice to all men, public and private entities, and
military powers of my, Decree of Political Will

I, William Bradford; Stand in the light / without the UNITED STATES

     On this 19th day of March, A.D. 2011, I, a natural born man on the land and inhabitant at the Republic of Colorado, William Bradford: family of Thorne, of noble Kings, by blood, birth, and/or descent, hereby asserts this Decree of my Political Will, as held by Acts of the King of Kings under covenant, as witness by the laws of scriptures, and by our kinsman redeemer and do hereby deposit same upon the Roles of the Great Registry upon the county of Adams A.D.1902, on the independent nation, state and republic of Colorado of A.D. 1876, as originally created by the People with complete reservations;

     This decree serves as my ‘Political Will’ from the day I was issued forth from the womb, the
July 13, 1955 in the 179th year of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence of the united Republic Colonies of America A. D. 1776, and by the ratification of the several independent nations, states and republics of the united Republic Colonies of America A.D. 1789 and as amended in A.D. 1791. This said Decree being bound to my soul and to our Heavenly Father Who hates the acts of both a liar and coward. 

     It is hereby decreed that, I have searched and have found that I have no known memory of any known legal duty to act outside my status as a private civilian or to operate within a private trading company(s), purported federal debt collection enterprise(s) or their purported court(s) or of federalized composite STATES, or a State as purported as STATE OF COLORADO or any Acts of the Forty-First Congress, Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62 “An Act To Provide a Government for the District of Columbia” (i.e. U.S. INC), whereby I as a man, have no duty to act, or to act as a fiction.  Further I decree that all the Acts of Congress since that time are void ab inito.

     It is further decreed that, I, the man, hereby act upon the land with complete and absolute civilian power and authority, as one of the body politic Sovereigns who hold a joint tenant interest in the sovereignty of both the united Colonies of America and the independent nation, state and republic of Colorado with all “Political Will,” superseding any purported, and or foreign governments with Para Military, or Military industrial complexes;

     It is further decreed that I as a private civilian man am on the land as a matter of birthright as I am the 16th generation, (1601 A.D.) of free white men on the land through the family of Thorne since before the united States of America was founded and further that my political will is in complete harmony with my Thorne Forefathers.

     It is further decreed by my firsthand conscious knowledge that all men, women and others have stipulated to all of my previous decrees and documents as true, correct, complete and not misleading and that all of my activities are reserved to the republic with respective evidence obtainable at depositaries.

     It is further decreed that I as a private civilian man am not employed by any purported UNITED STATES or any composite State(s), city(s), or county(s) wherein I am not eligible for any benefits or any beneficial use of the aforesaid, therefore not subject to any military industrial complex, or any statutory commercial enforcement system.  I am beyond the age of military culpability; therefore, I can only be a private civilian.  There is a “Political Wall” between me and the political will of all U.S. Military Operation(s). War Powers cannot and do not extend to any man.

     It is further decreed that I am within the boundaries on the First judicial district, on the county of Adams, A. D. 1902 and therefore within the geographical boundaries of the independent nation, state and republic of Colorado A.D. 1876.
Verified Express Notice of Waiver of Tort to All Who Trespass

     This is an implied contract and attaches only upon the actors, agents, or representatives of a government entity or private parties, who by their conduct elect to enjoin this contract.  Performance by conduct constitutes acceptance.

     Therefore now by this stipulated decree, any claim brought under the common law for injury caused by any trespass upon William Bradford resulting from any violation whatsoever of my Political Will by any actors, agents, or representatives of a government entity acting under color of law outside the accepted forum, shall constitute an automatic forfeiture and confession of judgment, thus establishing the penalty of One Million Dollars coin specie pursuant to the Coinage Act of A.D. 1792, per conduct, per person, per trespass, per calendar day or any portion thereof, whether direct or indirect here unto eternity.  Additionally, actors, agents, or government representatives who directly or indirectly trespass upon the living man hereby agree to pay Five Thousand Dollars coin specie pursuant to the Coinage Act of A.D. 1792, as compensation per each hour of involuntary servitude, or coerced incarceration, or coerced detention or coerced booking of the physical body of the living man, William Bradford.  Finally, any actors, agents, or government representatives who violate their sworn Oath of Office hereby agree to forfeit their bond in total to William Bradford as compensation for damages.  All payments and forfeitures of bonds required paid to William Bradford hereunder shall at the direction of William Bradford be paid to such other parties as William Bradford so directs.  William Bradford reserves the right to appoint a Third Party Intervener, to act on his behalf to protect his interests, with limited power of attorney to execute the remedy within this instrument.  This power of attorney is a right coupled with an interest and is irrevocable as granted.  Should the actors, agents or government representatives who violate their accepted Oath of Office fail to provide the agreed compensation upon demand, they hereby agree to a lien upon any assets, lands and chattel whatsoever.

     These penalties are self inflicted by the conduct of aggression resulting in injury to the aforesaid man, and further results in an irrevocable authority for William Bradford to seize all assets, lands, and chattel whatsoever of those violating his Political Will, and initiates a bill of claim for said conduct, payable within Seventy Two (72) hours, not counting weekends or holidays, by notice to the county of Adams court, per violator, per occurrence, whether direct or indirect.  Any, violation of my political will is based upon intentional or forced conduct in direct violation to the common law, the law of nature dictated by God himself, and is binding in all counties and at all times upon the aforesaid man, his body, wife, children, lands, farm conveyances, chattel property, or any discrimination against my Political Will, or any act of violating my political will.

Declaration of Restoration

  When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the bands which have connected them with a governing body they have created, which has turned tyrannical and detrimental to the peace and safety, and the very existence of the nation and the People, and to return to a previously established form of self governing under the Laws of Nature and Natures God as entitled therein, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to alter and or abolish the destructive form of government.

  From the inception of this nation, We the People have held the self-evident truth of the creation of the universe, this world, and the Peoples upon it. It has been our unwavering belief that our Creator has endowed all People with certain unalienable rights, including, but not limited to, life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. Our forefathers attempted to establish this fact and create a governing body to ensure these rights in this nation. However, as time progressed we became neglectful in overseeing this governing body, and it has abused and extended powers to itself never intended. Our governing body has now taken upon itself the position of rulers rather than servants, and is usurping authority beyond control. We now deem this political body to be tyrannical at every level and completely devoid of control or correction. This fact is evidenced by the following documented proof;

  Whereas, known and recorded in history and beyond denial, the governing body, now a corporation known as the UNITED STATES has deceived the People of this nation in ways that can only be described as treasonous. Bribery, lies and deceit have become the norm. Politicians take offices for the purpose of fulfilling self-interests of money and power rather than servitude.

  Whereas, our voices are not able to be heard in the voting process as the governing body has elected for themselves to use controllable electronic voting systems which disallow the voters to know with any certainty of the correct count of their votes.

  Whereas, the governing body has defrauded the People of their labor and property in so many ways that it is impossible to define all these schemes in less than a written volume containing millions of pages. However, the following list describes a few of the major treacherous actions taken against the People and this nation by its governing body;

The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the granting of power to it to control the monetary system thereby allowing a foreign banking cartel to manipulate commerce, trade, and general business in any and every way they deem profitable to themselves, and to the detriment of the People.

The creation of the Internal Revenue Service which is used to defraud the People through unlawful taxation, forcibly imposed on them at gunpoint, stripping the People of monetary and physical property at will without proper trial in accordance with the laws set forth in the Supreme Republican Declaration.

The creation of laws, legislations, judgments, powers, and unauthorized Supreme Republican Declaration amendments designed to benefit the governing body, without consent of the People, in direct violation of the Supreme Republican Declaration and the principles set forth within it.

The concealment of financial records reflecting the true status of the budgets of the many divisions of the government. Specifically, the People are shown a “Budget Report” reflecting expenditures and revenues derived from taxation, but information about other income sources and investments is not divulged. This to deceive the People into believing there is a financial shortage so greater taxation can be imposed, while the unknown funds are confiscated.

The enactment of laws to favor corporations that bribe the governing body which enforces known health and environmental safety violations for the purpose of creating profit for the corporation without regard for the People, causing illness and even death, and grave harm to the planet.

The creation of debt of such magnitude as to cause this nation to be driven to insolvency, bankruptcy, and the complete destruction of the monetary system.

The creation and enactment of laws designed to restrict and or eliminate rights of the People as endowed by the Creator, thereby forcing the People into slavery to pay for their greed.

The engagement of wars in various places and the declaration of those wars in a manner repugnant to the Supreme Republican Declaration, which serve no purpose other than a means to deprive the People of more and more property and rights.

Any one of these despicable acts are treason against this nation and its People for anyone who has sworn an oath to hold an office of servitude and uphold the rights of the People and the Law of the Land as established in the perfected Supreme Republican Declaration of the United American Colonies.

Whereas, in consideration of these facts as well as the many more innumerable instances of deploying despotism and tyranny upon the People of this nation, I, William Bradford, do hereby declare the governing body, known as the Government of the United States, dissolved and disbanded and removed from any authoritative power whatsoever, and withdraw all authority previously granted to it.

Be it known from this moment forward, that any action the corporation known as UNITED STATES takes or does is not authorized, and any actions taken by said corporation are taken without consent or support. All members of the corporation, at every level of government and in every division, section, or subdivision, whether at the Federal level or State level, are responsible for their own actions and words and agreements. Any loans made and based on the good faith and promise of the People of America to repay are null and void. I promise nothing to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

I promise to my fellow Americans only, to stand against the tyranny and despotism of the previous governing body, and to do all that is within my power and ability to bring this corrupt force under control and eliminate it.

I, William Bradford, do hereby declare my restoration to self-governance, under the laws as set forth by the Creator and nature’s law, and deny any responsibility for any actions taken by any organization claiming to speak for me or act on my behalf.

I am a free man. Any property I acquire through my labor I claim as my own and give no authority to anyone or any organization to take any portion of my property for any reason unless I freely give it.

I do not support or condone the actions or promises of any other person, or organization. I stand by my word, and my word only.

Be it known that I make this declaration in peace. However, any attempt at forcing any other so called law(s) upon me will be met with whatever force is required to keep my peace and prosperity.

And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the Creator of all that is, I hereby pledge to my fellow men and women on the land my Life, my Fortune, and my sacred Honor. So help me God. Amen.

As witnessed by this web-site and the internal day stamps, this 19th day of March, A.D. 2011, we know the man, William Bradford; family of Thorne and that he lives within the geographical boundaries on the First judicial district, county of Adams A.D. 1902, nation, state and republic of Colorado A.D.1876 and a man of sound mind, and good character.

William Bradford      Thorne
                                                                                                      Private Citizen
The First judicial district assembly of tens, fifties, hundreds and
thousands, county of Adams,on the Colorado Republic,
A.D. 1876, one of the united States of America, 
under the original jurisdiction amended A.D. 1791